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Sour IPA.             Soured Hoppy Ale.

Sour IPA. Soured Hoppy Ale.

What: A kettle soured IPA

Why: Hops + Sour = delicious

My recipe and process here is adapted from information in a blog post by Crooked Run Brewing over in Leesburg and Sterling, Virginia which lays out their kettle soured, dry hopped and fruited Sour IPA. 

My thanks go to them for being so open as to put their recipe and process online.

“First, what is a sour IPA?  There are various examples, but I believe that a sour IPA is a beer that exhibits both sourness and IPA qualities–some hop bitterness, and a firm dry hop.  A sour IPA is not just a dry-hopped sour.  That style has been done really well, but it is different, because a sour IPA also has some bitterness, and that is a key difference.” Crooked Run Blog

What follows is my adaptation and interpretation of their recipe.

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